Better budget management. Better brand consistency. Better stock control. Better supplier procurement.

Well, we did say that we favour a Simple approach.

We know that the benefits of print management are many and varied. We also know they differ from business to business. It’s a bit like those Magic Eye pictures that were popular in the 90s. You might see a two legged cow. The person standing next to you will see a spanner. Whatever you see, our mission is simple; to deliver as many print management benefits as humanly possible to your office door. What’s important is not providing benefits in general, but what benefits print management offers you specifically.

What you get out of print management will be determined by your reasons for turning to Limegreen in the first place. It may be that you’re fed up of not having enough printed USBs for the next trade show but are overrun with compliments slips.paper-basket

Perhaps you’re frustrated by how difficult it is to track print spend at a global level when costs are absorbed locally by each department.

Maybe you simply want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re using the best supplier for the job.

Or, you just want to be able to go back to what you’re good at and leave the print stuff to someone else.

Whatever bothers you about your current print methods, there are corresponding benefits of print management. Developing a clear print strategy can power improvements across the board; from brand control and supply to logistics and finance. So what benefits will you get from print management?

  • Supply Chain Management: Print management encompasses supply chain management. We are not constrained by time or locality. Because we work with a range of suppliers, we can match make your print needs with a suitable printer, making sure the best printer for the job is tasked with the physical printing of your material. This may mean juggling several relationships or consolidating just one – Limegreen print management means having the time to explore these options, without having to spend any of your time on it at all.
  • Cost Control: If each department or office has the freedom to place their own print orders or manage their own print budget, costs are absorbed at a local level. This makes the bigger picture much harder to see. Print management consolidates all print costs into a single line item, making it the work of minutes to see just how much is being spent on printed materials.

Limegreen print management also means costs can be shaved as well as controlled – we’ll keep an eye on expenditure and apply our industry knowhow, contacts and buying power to get you a better deal. Our experience means we know if you’re paying over the odds for any print product across any media, allowing us to adjust accordingly.

  • Stock Control: You may have built up quite a collection of print products, stockpiled across different units, in different locations. Excessive print ordering is a common problem and can have storage, cost and financial implications. By managing stock, we can control it so you won’t have an excess of any product nor will you be caught short.
  • Quality Control: Printed products span a host of mediums and if your items also span departments or suppliers, maintaining the same quality across the board can see like an impossible task. Limegreen print management solves this conundrum. We will ensure the same quality is inherent in all of your printed products, across all mediums, whether consolidated with one supplier or spread across multiple service providers.
  • Brand Control: This is a task of supreme strategic importance, straddling many business considerations. When print ordering and procurement is not centralised, brand control and brand consistency can suffer. We ensure this is not the case and that everyone sees your brand the same way you do. Regardless of whether they’re looking at a mouse mat in Beijing or a brochure in Birmingham.

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits and find out more about why print management services are right for your business, fill in our quote form or just give us a call.