Pull Up A Chair, Let Us Explain What Print Management Really Is

The dictionary definition of print management is “a program to lower the cost and environmental impact of printing.”  Our definition is different.

We believe print management is a holistic approach to managing and improving your print procurement and print needs. It is about streamlining your work processes and ensuring brand consistency just as much as it’s about saving money and being more environmentally friendly.

In practise, print management covers every aspect of printed material, beginning with the recognition that you need a printed item to having said item in the palm of your hand. Think of us as your favourite takeaway chef (no, really). You know just limegreen-chairwhat you fancy. We have the ingredients to whip up a taste sensation. You can watch us do it and suggest we check the seasoning here or add a seasoning there. Or you can call your order in and wait for the knock on your front door. Simplicity+ – why should it only apply to Friday night’s dinner?


Why do you need print management? 

Everything in your office that bears your logo is likely printed. It might be your mouse mat, the mug on your desk that holds your pens and paperclips, the folder your next presentation is lodged in, the notepaper you’re doodling on, the business card that sits next to your diary, the cardboard box that you still haven’t unpacked, the brochure that you need to send to a client, even the compliment slip you’re scribbling your John Hancock on.

Every one of these items needs to be procured, designed, controlled, ordered, stocked and distributed. Exhausting isn’t it? And while you grapple with that, John in the sales office next door and the girls in marketing upstairs are wrangling with the exact same issues.

If your print items are distributed through the company, with each department needing its own business cards, catalogues, order forms or letterheads, your print buying is fragmented. It’s harder to determine exactly how much you’re spending on print because it’s absorbed by budgets all over the building.

Without appearing excessively nosy, you may not know if marketing has a few too many brochures hidden in a cupboard somewhere. Who’s to say if reception doesn’t already have a store room full of letterheads or business cards they haven’t told you about? Without a central management service, your printed items may be over ordered and over stocked. Worse, there may be inconsistencies in print quality and brand image.

Print management brings all of these strands together to lighten your load. Departments that were once required to sort their own printing needs out can go back to doing what they do best. Cupboards that are overflowing with too many business cards and not enough promotional mouse mats can be reorganised. Budgets can be more closely managed and the true cost of printing better supervised. Waste can be stopped.

Print management means we will provide your printed materials and take care of every stage en-route. Enough of what you need. None of what you don’t.


Print Management Simplified 

  • We’ll determine who orders what, when and in what quantity
  • We’ll review and manage the supplier base, sourcing high quality specialists to retain quality of product
  • We’ll deal with design to ensure consistency
  • We’ll monitor printed material stock levels to reduce waste
  • We’ll take your print products from procurement to delivery

There are many benefits to print management. Some tangible and some not so tangible. The best way to find out what problem print management can solve for you is to give us a call.